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Add Section:

Use this option to create a new section under class for which you assign candidates at a later stage.

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Author can create any number of sections under a class to organize students. To use this option click "Add Section" in the main Author menu.

A new window will open which will require author to first select the class name under which you want to add the new section then enter the section name and click "Ok".

Add/Edit Group screen 2

The section created will be listed in section drop down menu when you select the class field while adding/editing candidates.

Edit/Delete Sections:

This option allows author to edit section name or remove the section completely. To use this option select "Edit/Delete Section" option from main Author menu.

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A list of all the sections will be provided in the drop down menu when you select the class name. Select the section name whose details you want to edit and click on "Edit" button to change the section name.

Add/Edit Group screen 2

To delete the section select the section name from the list and click on "Delete" button.

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