Learning and Assessment Software (LAAS) iOS App

Anandsoft eLearn LAAS software's exam engine module is available for iphones too so the candidates can take exams from their mobile phones. iOS application of exam engine is available for download from Play Store. This app includes content engine which presents all the lessons arranged according to titles, topics and sub topics. Most of the available content formats are supported including pdfs, audio visuals, MS office formats, and others. You can get a list of features of LAAS content engine module here. This app also includes all the same features as windows version of the exam engine. Which include adding the test modules, taking exam in learn mode or exam mode, saving results, reviewing saved results and analysis. You can get a list of features of LAAS Exam Engine Module here

Important features of LAAS Exam Engine iOS App

LAAS exam engine features


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Exam mode : Simulates actual exam environment in which candidate needs to answer exam created by instructor in a given time without any help from flash cards.

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Learn mode : Provides interactive learning environment where candidate can go through each question and view flash cards and correct answers for each question.

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Review mode : At end of every exam (learn/exam) mode you can save results for that exam for future viewing. In review mode you can view saved exams with answers selected by candidate along with correct answer and detailed explanation for each question (if provided by author).

Display features

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Read modes (Day/Night modes): Exam screen display setting can be changed between Day Mode (black text on white background) and Night Mode (white text on black background) to help you read according to your convenience.

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Intuitive navigation

Supported Question Types

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Multiple choice single answer (MCQA) and Multi Answer (MCMA)

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Drag-n-drop (Image and Text) : Text Drag and Drop can be used for interactive Match the Following type questions, where as Image Drag and Drop allows to identify multiple components on the image provided in questions.

Reports & Statistics

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For Online Exams view Geolocation of the student taking exams.

Note : Currently android version of the app does not support image casting monitoring feature.

LAAS content engine features

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View lessons organized into topics and subtopics.

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Lesson types may include Remote URL, text, html, images, document files (.doc,.docx,.xls,.ppt)

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Lesson types may include pdf files, video, audio, Youtube videos and many more

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Boomark lessons to view later

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Already read lessons are highlighted.

Paper Pen Exam (PPE) Engine Features

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Import any number of questions papers

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Candidate login before exam is taken

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Exam monitoring with image casting, geolocation capturing and screen capturing

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Uploading the answersheet after taking the exam.

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Viewing the corrected answer sheet from saved exam results.

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Free Version (with limited features)

Product Download

Full Version (with full set of features) To be added soon

Version: 1.0
Updated: Jan 11, 2023
Requires : Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

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How Exam Engine Works?

Exam Engine allows user to import exams created using LAAS Author Engine and configure exams according to their needs. The Exam Engine offers several features, like timed and weighted questions, flash cards, exam mode and learn modes, and review of exam. Other features include font adjustment, night/day modes, and bookmarking.


Some Screenshots are given below (click to enlarge)

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Product Screenshot  Product Screenshot  Product Screenshot  Product Screenshot 

What's New

version 1.0:

First release