LearnSoftMax - Learning And Assessment Software Walkthrough videos

LearnSoftMax Learning And Assessment Software walkthrough videos help users to understand the features and configuring the same using the software.

Click on the links to watch walkthrough videos.

I. Admin FAQ:

1. Register for the trial version.

2. Create a new online exam question database.

4. Add a new author.

5. Assign an author to an exam

6. Configure enterprise version.

7. Customize the exam engine logo

II. Author FAQ:

Note: All the operations available for author can be done by administrator as well.

1. Add categories/subcategories in the exam question DB

2. Add MCSA questions.

3. Add candidates.

4. Add class/section/groups

5. Assign a group to an exam

6. Generate test module

7. Set the exam configuration parameters.

8. Export a test module for distribution.

9. Add the content titles.

10. Add content under existing titles.

11. Preview the added content.

12. Export content for distribution.

13. Populate paper-pen exam database.

14. Configure the paper pen exam and generate the question paper.

III. Student FAQ:

1. Import a test module saved locally.

2. Import a test module from a URL.

3. Import a lesson module saved locally.

4. Import a lesson module from a URL.

5. Start exam/lesson and login as a candidate.

6. Learn mode and exam mode features.

7. Taking online exam.

8. Performance summary after exam.

9. Viewing the results.

10. Viewing lessons.