LAAS Author Engine Help : Add content Mods

Author Engine provides a option to create content modules or sub mods from the main content database. This option is helpful to create multiple learning module sets from master content database.

For example, the author has populated a content database with 500 lessons on various topics and chapters. Using this feature, authors can create content submodules by adding only the required topics and chapters from the main database. Say a topic in math is created with 100 chapters on various topics, but the author at present wants to give only chapters under the "algebra" topic for study to students. Using this option, the author will be able to select all chapters under algebra and assign them to students.

In author engine select create content to open content engine features.

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In the next screen select "Create Content Module" button.

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In the next window select the level 1 name or the topic for which you want to create sub module from the drop down menu.

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Then enter the content sub module name and select the chapters you want to include by checking the include box next to the name of the chapter.

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Click on the save button to save the sub module.

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