Online Computer Based Assessment Software - Computer Based Exam

The product is ideal for personnel testing solutions for Human Resource training and evaluation. Either you can use the library tests available free on various topics or generate your own content and assess the candidates.

Some target uses include annual employee assessment tests, written tests for trainee employees, seminar quizzes, etc.

The availability of mobile testing platforms enable candidates to give tests using tabs and smart phones of a various makes and operating systems.

Download the free demo version of the product for evaluation and please do not hesitate to contact us for any customization of the product as per your requirement.

Important features of the product are given below:

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Support for various question types, including MCQs, Drag-n-Drop, Exhibit, Hotspot, and Scenario based questions.

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Configure exams as per your needs, by using various parameters like number of questions per exam, whether to allow/dis-allow Learn mode, “Previous”, or “Review” buttons, and several more similar features. Administrative login disables candidates from changing the exam settings.

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Detailed score reports - You can save the score reports and statistics for future review.

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Library Author Mods – The library of free author mods available with the exam engine may be found here. These exams (author mods) are free to download and compatible with CBT Engine.

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Finally, you can create your own exam by using CBT Author Engine. Download the Computer Based Test Software to create your own exam author mods.

Screenshots of the product are given below (click to enlarge):

Product Screenshot   Product Screenshot   Product Screenshot   Product Screenshot   Product Screenshot   Product Screenshot