SaaS App for LearnSoftMax - Learning And Assessment Software (LAAS)

The Laas software by is now offered on our website as a service (Saas). Online exams, paper pen exams, and lessons can now be taken online and on a desktop computer or a mobile phone using the exam engine module of the learning and assessment software, which is available as a service on any web browser.

Main features of Learning And Assessment Software

  • Import any number of online or ppe exams and lesson modules.

  • Viewing lessons and saving viewied status and bookmarking information for each student.

  • Taking exams in learn mode to allow students to prepare by viewing correct answers and explanations.

  • Taking sechduled or unsechduled exams in exam mode.

  • Taking paper pen exams and uploading scanned answersheets for corection.

  • Saving and viewing results for both online and paper pen exams.

  • Excellect support service.

Register for the demo version : LearnSoftMax Demo Registration

SaaS app login (If you have already purchased LAAS software license): LearnSoftMax SaaS Login

Frequently asked questions

1. What are system requirements to use Laas as service?

Laas as service can be used on any laptop or mobile device with a web browser and Internet connection.

2. How can I try the laas app before purchasing?

You can register with us for using the demo version of the software here LAAS Demo Registration

3. I have already purchased the desktop version of the LAAS software. Do I need to purchase license to use Laas software as service?

No, If you have already purchased license for desktop version of the LAAS software you can use laas as service without making any other payments.Contact our tem at cs@swregn to get more details after purchase.

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System requirements : Any laptop /desktop /mobile device with browser support and Internet connection.

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* Enterprise edition requires setting up
databases on your own servers.

* Suitable for institutes and organizations.

* Branding for indivisual organizations is available.