How to use CBT Author Module

The CBT Software- Author module is used to input questions into the exam database. Later the exam database is imported into the CBT Software- Exam Engine and used by the instructor to administrate the exam. The Author module is free to download and use. 

Help for important features of the Author module of the CBT Software are given below:


1. Add New Exam : This feature is used to create a new exam database for entering the question.

2. Add/ Edit Candidates : This feature can be used by the author(s) to create any number of candidates which can take the exam. Each candidate will have a separate login using his/her email id and password. Candidates will be able to view only their own test results.

3. Add/Edit Groups : This feature can be used by the author(s) to create any number of groups or classes. This will help the exam instructor to arrange exam in batches.

4. Assign Exam to Groups : This feature can be used by the author(s) to link a group to an exam so that all the candidates present in that group can take the assigned exam.

5. Add/ Edit Categories :This feature is used to enter various categories (topics) covered in exam. Each question entered in database must belong to one category (topic).

6. Exam Configuration : This feature allows author to set configuration options (number of questions per exam, exam time, pass percentage etc), allowed exam modes (learn, exam), permitted buttons (review, pause timer, bookmarking etc)

7. Question types Supported :

8. Preview : This feature allows author to view the questions entered in the database.

9. Review : This feature lists all the questions present in database. Author can select a question from the list to for Editing or Deleting.

10. Export Exam : This option can be used to export the created exam database to a known location which can later be imported and used in CBT Exam Engine.

11. Import Exam : This option is used to import an exported exam back into CBT Software- Author