How to use CBT Author Module : Review

This option lists all the questions currently present in the database. This feature allows author to view all questions at once in a list and provides option to edit and delete a question by double clicking on question.

To use this option click on "Review" button in "Author/Question" screen.

review screen 1

A new window will open which will list all the questions currently present in the database.

review screen 2

Review screen has following options:

  • Edit a question : To edit a question from the list just double click on the question and it will be opened in the question editor.
  • Delete a question : To delete a question from the database select the specific question and click on "Delete" button.
  • Delete all question : This option can be used to delete all the questions from the database at once. Use "Delete All" button to use this feature. 

Note: Once questions are deleted from the database they cannot be recovered.