Computer Based Test (CBT)Software Tecnical FAQ

14.I have exported an exam how can I upload the exported exam to the server get url?

To upload the exported exam (.auth file) to the server you will need to login to your website cPanel account.

Once you have logged click on "Tools" → "Files" → Select "File Manager".


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Now in the list of directories select "public_html".


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Next select folder where you want to upload the exams say "cbt-exams".


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Once you are inside the folder click on the “Upload” button, then browse to the location of exported exam and select the .auth file.


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Once the file is uploaded reload the page to view the list of file


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To view list of all the exams uploaded use the url :

15. Software is asking to enter the FTP details when trying to enter the question, where can I get my FTP details?

FTP details will be same as the cPanel details of the server on which the configuration is done.

16. After creating list of candidates and their login details is generated. How can they login to their various computer to begin the exam?

For students to take the generated exam please follow steps given below:

1. All the students who have to take the exam will have to install CBT Exam Engine. Download link of the exam engine is given here

2. Author will now have to export the exam to a .auth file which will be distributed to all the students. To export the exam use "Export" button in author control panel. Detailed steps to export exam can be found here

The exported .auth file can be shared with the students and they will have to import the .auth file in the CBT exam engine installed on their computers.

To import the .auth file use "Import Test Module" button. detailed help on how to import .auth file by students can be found here

17. I tried ending my exam several times but refuse going off the exam interface. Usualy happens when I clicked on the "END EXAM" button.

In the exam configuration please check the "Min Time" field. It defines the number of seconds only after which students will be able to close the exam. For example if the Min Time field is set to 100 students taking exam will be able to close the exam only after 100 seconds. Detailed steps to change exam configuration are provided here

18. Why is my student's grade screen is showing result as FAIL even when he scored more than passing marks?

If you have assigned a category with some maximum score, pass score and "MUST PASS" field is kept true which means student must pass the category to pass the whole exam. For example if in the category student has obtained score of 60 which is less than maximum passing score for that category of 65 over all result will marked as FAIL.

19. In trying to assign Exams to Class, we realised that after selecting Class and section, we do not have the correct setting to select group.

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What exactly are we doing wrong?

When adding groups please select the correct class and section from drop down menu.

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To check the groups in a class and section use "Edit/Delete Group" options.

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Also, make sure you have assigned at least one student to the group for the group name to be listed in the assign exam window.

You can either add new candidates and assign them to group or edit existing candidates to include them in group.

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