Computer Based Test Software Author Module : Export Exam - QB/Test

Once author has finished entering questions into the exam database, he/she needs to Export the question database to any known location. All the related files are saved in that directory.

To use this option click on "Export Exam" button in Admin/Author control panel.

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In next window all the exams created by the admin will be listed in a drop down. Select a exam you want to export, if selected exam has test modules they will be listed in another drop down.

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On clicking "Export & Close" button author will be asked if he wants to export the test module, click yes to export test module and no to export main exam.

Next screen is "Browse For Folder". In this screen select the location you want the exported exam to be saved and click "Ok".

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Next screen will give you option to add details for export file. Following details can be added :

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  • Export File Version : This will specify the export version number of the .auth file.

  • Export Password : This will specify the password which will be required to start the practice test in Exam Engine Module.

  • Create Supervisor : This option can be used to create a exam supervisor, who will be allowed to change exam configurations in Exam Engine after the test module is added. When supervisor account is created, a account activation email will be sent. Only activated accounts will be listed for assignment. Exam supervisor will also be able to monitor online exams and view result analysis and exam screen recording using supervisor web control panel

  • Assign supervisor to exam : Before exam can exported it should be assigned at least one supervisor. Please note only activated accounts will be allowed to assign.

Once the exam is exported successfully .auth file can be found at the selected location.