How to use Computer Based Test Software

The Computer Based Test Software combines the CBT Author and CBT Exam Engine modules to create centralized question database which can be populated and edited by various Authors. CBT Exam Engine can be used by candiates to login and take exams.

Free Trial version of Computer Based Test Software can be downloaded here. Free version is has limited features. Use the buy link given below to get the full version.

Help for important features of the Computer Based Test Software are given below:


1. CBT Author Module Help

CBT Author module allows administrators to create question database, add authors, candidates, candidate groups(classes). Question databases can be exported to be used in CBT Exam Engine.

CBT Author Module - Features

  • Configure Author module to use your own mysql database.
  • Create any number of Authors and exams (limited in free version)
  • Assign multiple Authors to populate one or many exams.
  • Create any number of candidates and groups/classes.
  • Assign candidates to any number of groups/classes.
  • Set Exam Configurations parameters like (exam duration,allowing bookmarking, pausing exam timer etc.)
  • Assign exams to different groups so that all the candidates in that group can take that exam.
  • Exporting the exams.

2. CBT Exam Engine Module Help

Exam engine screen lists all the Test modules currently installed along with options to add new Test modules and access to CBT Author module.

CBT Exam Engine - Features

  • Add any number of test modules.
  • Test modules can be added from ".auth" (exam exported from CBT Author Module) files URls or using files saved locally.
  • Question types supported are MCSA (Multiple Choice Single Answer) and MCMA (Multiple Choice Multiple Answer).
  • Exams can be taken either in learn mode with access to flash cards and option to view correct answers or in exam mode with exam time limits and other configurations.
  • Main exam screen can be customized to set the font size and use day/night mode.
  • At end of each exam (learn and exam) modes candidate is given a score calculation based on the total number of questions present in exam and number of correctly answered questions in that exam

3. CBT Software Online Statistics/Reporting

Admins can login in to a control panel from any browser to view results statistics.