Computer Based Test Software Reports/Statistics : How To Use

Admin can login into his account at Admin Control Panel to view results and statistics.

The email id and password registered as "Admin" while using CBT : Exam Engine should be used to login into the control panel.

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On successful login you will be given options to:

1. Available Exams : Get a list of all the exams you have created using CBT software.

You can also get Statistics of that exam based on following :

  • All exam results

  • Performance analysis for each result.

  • Time analysis for each result.

  • Category wise time analysis

  • Reviewing questions along with selected answers and explanations.

2. Sechdule Exam :Sechdule an exam for a group you have added using CBT Software..

Also, see upcoming exams.

3. Monitor Ongoing Exams :Monitor the exams that are currently taken by the candidates.

4. View Students list :Get full list of students you have added using Computer Based Test Software.

Also, see which group(s) each student is assigned to.

5. View Author list :Get full list of authors you have added using CBT Exam Engine w/ Author software.

Also, see which exam(s) each author is associated with.

6. View Groups list :Get full list of groups you have added using CBT Exam Engine w/ Author software.

View all the exams/sub tests each group is assigned to and list of all students present in each group.

7. Create Backup File : This option can be used to create and download full backup of all the exams created using CBT Software.

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