Computer Based Test Software Author Module : Create Test Modules (Sub Tests)

CBT Author provides a option to create Test Modules or sub tests from the main question database. This option is helpful to create multiple question sets from master question database.

For example Author has populated a "Maths" question database with 500 questions. Using this feature author can create subtests with different set of questions from the main database. say "Maths SET 1" is created with 50 questions and is assigned to section A students, "Maths SET 2" is created with another 50 questions and is assigned to section B students.

Exam engine help images

To add a test module use "Create Test Mod" button. A test module creation from will be displayed as shown below.

Exam engine help images

Details for creating test module are explained below as numbers marked in the image above:

  • Select Exam : In this list all the question database created by admin are listed. Select the exam name from which you want to select questions for the sub tests.
  • Enter Exam Name : Enter the sub test name here.
  • Question Selection Type : Questions for the sub test can be selected in two modes
    • Random : In this option you enter the required number of question in feild "Enter Number of questions" (marked as 4 in figure). Entered number of questions will be randomly selected from the main database.
    • Manual : In this option you can select any number of questions manually be checking the "checkbox" (marked as 5 in figure) provided next to each question.
  • Enter Number of questions : Used to enter questions required when random question selection is used.
  • Used to select individual questions when manual question selection is used.
  • Shows how many questions from each category are selected.

You can click on the question field to view the complete question and click on save to create the test module.