Laas as service (SaaS) Help : Exam engine screen

All of the lessons, online tests, and paper pen examinations that are currently part of your account will be listed in their appropriate tabs on this screen.

You may view the imported lessons and tests by toggling between tabs.


1. Importing Exams or Lessons

Using the "Import" button in the respective tabs, you can import tests and lesson modules that have been given out by your examiner here.


The exam or lesson will appear under the appropriate tab after it has been successfully imported.


2. Starting Exams or Lessons

Click the "View lesson" button next to the selected lesson name on the lessons tab to view an imported lesson. In a similar manner, select the Online Exam tab and click the "Start Exam" button next to the exam you want to take to initiate it. When taking PPE examinations, adhere to the same procedure under Paper Pen Exams tab.

3. Removing Exams or Lessons

Navigate to the appropriate tab and select the "Remove Lesson" or "Remove Exam" button next to the selected exam or lesson name in order to delete any lesson or exam module from your account.

Please be aware that all lesson status data and exam results that have been saved will be deleted.

You cannot remove the Demo Lessons and Demo Exams provided.

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