Learning & Assessment Software (LAAS) : Paper Pen Exam Engine

Paper Pen Exam (PPE) Engine module allows candidates to import the offline question papers provided by the author and then take the exams. Please view the detailed help file for PPE Engine Module to know each feature in detail.

1. Test Module Operations : LAAS Software-Exam Engine allows user to add any number of Offline Test Modules (Question Database created using LAAS Software-Author Module). Each Test Module is treated as a separate exam and can be used independently.

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  • Import Paper (Local) : This option can be used to import question paper module created using LAAS Software-Author in to Exam Engine.

  • Import paper (URL) : This option can be used to import question paper from a Url to PPE Engine.

  • Updating paper : This option allows user to update already imported question paper module with newer version.

  • Removing Test Module : This option allows user to remove the imported test modules from exam engine.

2. Taking a Test : LAAS Software-Exam Engine allows candidates to take offline exams and upload answersheets.

  • To start a exam candidate needs to first login using the credintials provided by the institute/examiner.

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  • All the candidate details will be presented along with option to enter the exam center name/id. Once candidate starts exam, question paper will be displayed along with exam timer.

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  • Once the exam is ended, candidates are required to upload the written answersheets. Written answer paper can be scanned using any free document scanner and the generated PDF file can be uploaded for correction.

  • Examiner can correct the answersheets submitted by candidates and give marks for each question.

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  • Once the examiner has finished correcting the answersheets, results will be made available to candidates. Result details include marks obtained for each question, overall score.

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  • Candidates can also view the corrected answersheets.

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3. Customize LAAS Exam Engine : LAAS Software-Exam Engine allows to change the logos displayed while taking the exams. This can be used by institues for displaying their own logo.

  • Customize Logo : This feature allows to add a custom logo in LAAS Exam Engine.

  • Reset Logo : This feature allows to reset to default logo in LAAS Exam Engine.