CBT Exam Engine : Grade Screen

Grade screen : Once the candidate has finished taking the exam his/her performance will be displayed in the "Grade" screen as shown below

Grade screen 1

Various information/feature available on Grade screen are :

1. Candidate Name : This field show the username under which the exam was taken. 

2. Date and Time : These fields show the date and time on which exam was taken.

3. Exam Details

  • Exam Title : Name of the exam taken
  • Result : This field will display if the candidate has passed or Failed the exam based on the score obtained in the exam.

4. Score Details

  • Max score : This field shows the maximum score that can be obtained in the exam. (Value can be set by instructor in Exam Configuration)
  • Pass score : This field shows the minimum score required to pass the exam. (Value can be set by instructor in Exam Configuration)
  • Score Obtained : This field shows the score which was obtained by the candidate in exam taken.

5. Category Wise Scoring : This section lists all the categories (topics) from which questions were present in the exam and how much the candidate scored in each category.

6. Print : Use this option to print the candidate's performance in grade screen format.

7. Save As : Use this option to save the results in .rtf format

8. Review Incorrect questions : Click on this button to view all the questions that were answered incorrectly in the taken exam. Review Incorrect Question screen is shown below

Grade screen 2

Review Incorrect Question screen will show the answer selected by the candidate (marked in red) and correct answer for the question (marked in green). It also provides the option to view explanation for the question.