What is Online Examination Software And It’s Features

An online examination software is a platform that can be used to create, conduct exams online whenever and wherever you want, Now in this digital era compared to paper and pen format conducting exams by online can reduces the usage of paper and time of examiner.

What is online examination System

SimExams is one stop solution for all your Examination requirements that is great in design to create and conduct exams with ease.

How To Conduct Exams Using SimExam Software?

Okay let’s start how SimExams work, the thing you need to do is download the software called Author Engine (it’s free software) to create exams. by using this software one can create an exam with different types of questions like multiple choice, fill in the blanks, Hotspot type question, and around you can create exam by 8 types of question. Next step is you can save the exam and import the questions by using Exam Engine software.

Confused! What is Exam Engine? don’t worry I am here, Exam Engine is a software that is used to conduct exams which you created the exam by using Author Engine. In Exam engine, you can import the questions created by Author Engine software by clicking on test module (URL) or Add test module (Local)

Conduct Exam

After importing the questions now he/she can take the exam with ease and get the instant score card

Features and Benefits

  1. The biggest benefit of this software is very less in cost and reduces evaluating the papers of taking the exam
  2. You can create an exam with different types of questions
  3. Easy to conduct exam
  4. Configure the exam as per your needs
  5. Detailed report card with the graphical representation
  6. Different modes like learning mode and exam mode
  7. Review the wrongly answered question
  8. Download it for differernt devices like PC, Android, iOS