Computer Based Test Software – FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

For individual purchases, only client side FAQ is applicable. Individual licensees use server itself.For enterprise version software purchase, both client side and server side FAQ are applicable.

CBT Client Side FAQ:

Q1: How big is the download file size for CBT Software?

Download file size for CBT Software is 14.5MB, and it would take 12 seconds to download at 1.19 MB/sec Internet speed

Q2: How do I install the software?

Once you have downloaded software from download page, go to download directory and run the setup (exe file). The package will install itself with minimum user intervention. Also, please see download instructions for a detailed explanation with screens shots.

Q3: What is the screen resolution required for running this software?

As of now, you need at least 600X800 screen resolution.

Q4:How much hard disk space is required to install and run the program?

You need at least 20MB of free hard disk space.

Q5:I have downloaded a newer version of your test software. Where do I install it?

It is preferred to install it in the same directory as that of the original files are residing. But this is not compulsory.

Q6:Once the package is installed, its asking for Product Key #. How do I get it?

You may obtain the Product Key by using online registration process (automatic) or manual registration process. Please read Activation Information for necessary steps to be taken for activation.

Q7:I have got my Product Key, upon entering the same, it is not getting accepted.

Please enter the product key in the text box provided, without leaving any leading spaces. If the problem persists, take a screenshot of your registration page (where Product ID is displayed) and email it to cs[at]

Q8:I have installed an earlier version of the software. Now I have downloaded a newer version. I am facing problems while installing. Why?

Please un-install the software by going to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel view Un-install instructions here. Install the latest version that you have downloaded view Installation instructions

Q9: Program is showing message “Acrobat Reader is not installed”. How can I fix this?

CBT Software require of Acrobat Reader DC (free version is enough). If you do not have it installed on the system click “OK” after the message is displayed as shown below.

You will be given an option to install Acrobat Reader. Click “Yes” in next message screen to proceed.

On clicking “Yes” you will be redirected to adobe website page to download latest version.

Click on the download button for “Adobe Acrobat Reader DC”. Once download is done select “Open file” link to start installation. You can also go to downloads folder and double click on the downloaded exe file to start installation.

Adobe Acrobat will then download the files and start installation.

Once the installation has completed, go back to SimExams CBT software and start using it without any further message prompts for adobe acrobat reader.

Q10. How do I brand the software to use our own logo and org name?

To customize  logo, check the link below :

To reset the custom logo to default logo, see the following page :

Q11. What is the difference between Standard Edition license and Enterprise Edition license?

The standard edition of the software is suitable for individuals and and enterprise edition is suitable for organizations who need bulk licensing.

In standard edition, the user don’t have to configure his/her own server. The client side software uses the server for authoring as well as delivering the exam. Standard licenses are useful for fewer licenses (usually, less than 10). The enterprise software license comes with 100 or so licenses and one needs to install his own server (preferably LAMP server). The licensing part is managed by the server. The advantages of installing on organization’s own server are:

  1. Private branding, use your own logo and company name.
  2. Complete content security, the content that you develop resides on your own server.
  3. Very affordable, probably we are the cheapest exam software provider with world class features.
  4. Priority support in installing and configuring the server components.

Server Side FAQ:

This is applicable only for enterprise version purchases, where the server side components are installed on your own web server.

Q1: What are the server software requirements for installing and running the CBT server side scripts?

The server is preferably a web server accessible over the Internet in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) environment.

  • LAMP server environment (Linux, Apache)
  • PHP 7.4 or greater
  • MySQL 5.6 or MariaDB 10.1 or greater
  • Accessibility over the public Internet or Intranet (for use within org network)

Q2: Unable to run PHP files on the server. What needs to be done?

If php files are not running on the server you can check a few thing

  • check if php module is installed on your server using phpinfo.php file.
  • check if php file have permission is set 755
  • check your .htaccess file for any misconfiguration
  • check if error_log file on server is listing any specific error.

Q3: How do I create MySQL database and corresponding user name and password?

Creating Database

  1. Log in to your server cpanel

2. Once logged into cpanel go to databases section and select MySQL databases.

3. You will be given an option to create new database. Give a name (exampledb) and click on ‘Create Database’ button.

4. Once the database is created click on go back to MySQL databases page.

Creating Username and Password

  1. On the right hand side there is a option ‘jump to MySQL users’, click on it.

2. To create a user enter the username (testuser) and password and click ‘Create User’ button.

Assigning User to database

  1. Once the user is created we need to assign the user to our newly created database. Scroll down to ‘Add User to Database’ section. Select newly created user (testuser) from User drop down and newly created database (exampledb) from Database drop down and click on ‘Add’ button.

2. In the Next screen you need to select privileges for the user, select ‘All Privileges’ and click ‘Make Changes’.

3. You will get a success message as shown below.

So now our database is created and we have assigned a user to the database. Now go back to cpanel home and select phpMyAdmin under ‘Databases’ section.

You will find exmapledb database there.

Q4. How do I upload the server side components (scripts) to the server?

Note: Default web folder in LAMP environment with C-panel is public_html or html. If you are using any other server control panel, please check with your hosting provider for path to home folder.

Create a folder “laas” under “public_html”.

Ensure that the permissions are set to Read and Execute for all files in the folder by setting folder permission to 755

Hint: You need to have an FTP client such as FileZilla installed on your Windows computer to upload the files to “public_html/laas” directory.

Q4: How do I check whether the installation is working properly or not?

Once you have installed SimExams CBT on your windows system. Start the Author module using “Login As Author” button.

Author module starts with login screen as shown below and it provides a Configure button.

To configure the database click on “Configure Database” button. You will be provided with a form as shown below:

Following details are required to be entered.

  • Server URL : This is the location where you have uploaded the unziped simexams server side package (Author folder path).
  • Database Name : This is the name of the MySQl database you have created on your server.
  • User Name : This is the MySQL (or MariaDB) user who has all privileges for accessing and modifying the database.
  • Password : MySQL (or MariaDB) user account password.
  • Database Host : You should be able to get this information from your web host if “localhost” does not work.

Fill in the details and click on Submit button to complete Configuration. Once this configuration is done you will get success message.

Q5: All content is stored only on our server or on server also? Who owns the copyright on the software and on the content?

For Enterprise version of the software, once server side configuration is done all the content will be stored on the YOUR configured server and NOT on simexams server. Author will have full copyright of the content added.

Q6: Is there any need that the server is available on the public Internet? Or can we install it on private network?

You can run the software on intranet or private network. The network should be running TCP/IP protocol and using host names and IP addressing system.

Q7: How do I change the server from one domain to another? Do I need to buy fresh licenses when I shift server from domain to another?

You can change server from one domain to another any time using “Configure Database” option available, and use our “Backup/Restore” option to move your content from one server to another. You need not buy fresh license when you shift from one server to another.

Q8: Who should I contact in case any help is required?

You may raise a ticket at cs@ and one of our support executives will attend to it.

Q9: Can we backup our content on the server to protect it from any unforeseen events resulting in crash and data loss?

YES. It is recommended that you backup all your content on server time to time. Desktop application too provides a option to backup your content.

Q10: I’m unable to install and configure the server side components. Will you be able to help us in installing and configuring the server?

Checkout the instructions for installing and configuring server side components here:

You may raise a ticket at cs@ and one of our support executives will attend to it.