Computer Based Test Software Update recently updated it’s Computer Based Test software to support following features.

  1. Geo Location: This option will allow author to get the current geo location of the students when they are taking exam. Please note geo location is available only for online exams and will be shown in the web admin control panel when admin monitors current online exams.
  2. OTP: If admin enables this option candidates will have to enter a OTP sent to their email id when they try to login into CBT Exam Engine module. This option is disabled in offline exams.
  3. Image casting: If admin enables this option web camera attached to candidates systems will take images at regular interval which can be viewed by the admin in web admin control panel when admin monitors current online exams. This option is disabled in offline exams.
  4. Exam Mode: Here admin can set if the exam has to be taken in online or ofline mode. Offline mode will not have geolocation, OTP and image casting enabled and all the results will be saved locally.
  5. Create PDF Document: Create a pdf document with screenshot of all questions with answer selected explanation etc.

About SimExams CBT: CBT, short for Computer Based Test, has replaced traditional paper-pen test in most cases. In CBT, a candidate answers the test on a personal computer (PC) using the keyboard and mouse to “flip through” and “answer” your test questions that appear on a computer monitor. Usually most of the computer based tests are MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) wherein the candidate is required to find the best answer(s). Most of the educational institutes and test centers have adopted CBT in one form or the other to provide administer candidate evaluation.

The Computer Based Test Software combines the CBT Author and CBT Exam Engine modules to create centralized question database which can be populated and edited by various Authors.
The Author Engine enables an author to perform several activities including Creating, editing, and/or deleting a test/Groups and Candidate profiles, Questions.
Exam Engine module allows candidates to import the exams provided by the author and then take the exams.

You may download free trial version of the Computer Based Testing Software from the website, and try the same.