Best Online Exam Software To Conduct Exams

There is a lot of change in exam management system compared to last 5 to 7 years, what I am saying is now the paper and pen mode of exams are outdated. Many schools and colleges are now following Computer Based Test Software to create and conduct exams.

SimExams is a commendable software that is designed to create and conduct exams. This is a complete solution for the exam management system beyond paper and pen format. Students can manage different types of exams and different types of questions with ease. He/She can get a detailed scorecard after completion of the exam and also can cross check the wrongly answered questions.

Best Exam Management Software or Computer Based Test Software

This software is particularly designed for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. this is the biggest revolution in exam management system to create and conduct exam with ease. This software is rich in features and synchronized with user – friendly SimExams helps you in edit or delete the previously taken exam, questions, candidate details, group details like in simple steps. SimExams is Wonderful Software that makes you to keep data securely

Features of this Software

  1. Easy Download and Install
  2. Create and conduct the exams with ease
  3. Supports different types of questions
  4. Get free library to practice for exams
  5. Add and Remove any number of candidates and assign them to different groups.
  6. Import the exams from local storage or by giving a URL
  7. Configure exam parameters like the number of questions per exam, exam time, pass percentage, allowed exam modes and permitted buttons.
  8. Save, View and review individual exams with selected answers, correct answers, and detailed explanation.
  9. Instant scorecard after ending the exam. and many others

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