Computer Based Test Software – General FAQ

1. How does the software works?

CBT Software-Author Module is used to input questions into the exam database. Later the exam database is imported into the CBT Software- Exam Engine and used by the instructor to administrate the exam.

2. Who can use the software?

CBT Software-Author Module can be used by individual authors or any institutions / Companies to create Computer Based Test Database containing various questions types.

CBT Software-Exam Engine Module can be used by instructors to present candidates with Computer Based Test using their own Question Database created using CBT Software Author Engine.

3. What are the minimum system requirements to install the product?

Minimum Requirements:

Supported platforms: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 , Windows 10 (32bit/64 bit)

Installation requirements:

50 MB free space 1GHz CPU 256 MB RAM 800×600 screen resolution Active Internet connection

4. Is the demo version available?

The demo version of the products is just for trial and it includes limited features only.

5. I need an activation key. Where can I get one?

First thing is you will need to purchase the software to request the key. And also there is an option to activate automatic once the product is purchased and installed. In case automatic activation is not possible, then you may have to send a mail to: and you will receive the activation key to your mail-id within 48 hours. For more details read Product Activation Procedure.

6. What question types are supported by the software?

  • Multiple choice single answer (MCQA) [In plain text, HTML, PDF format]
  • Multiple choice Multi Answer (MCMA) [In plain text, HTML, PDF format]

7. Is the software configurable? What configuration options are available?

It is possible to configure several of the exam options including the following:

  • Number of questions in the exam (or quiz): The total number of questions that should be available in each Exam
  • Random or sequential : Instructor can select if questions present in the DB should be presented to candidate in sequential or random order. Feature for randomizing of answer options for each question is also available.
  • Exam Time : Instructor can set the Time allowed to the candidate for completing the exam
  • Pause Timer : Instructor can allow/deny pausing of the exam timer by the candidate while taking exam.
  • Question Bookmaking : Instructor can allow/deny bookmaking of the questions. Bookmarked questions cab be viewed separately during the exam. Candidate can also view ONLY bookmarked questions after the exam.

Get full list of configurable features.

8. How the licensing works? Does it expire?

  • Standard Edition – Single licence is included.
  • Enterprise Edition– 100 licences are included.
    • Enterprise edition requires setting up databases on your own servers.
    • Suitable for institutes and organizations.
    • Branding for indivisual organizations is available.

9. Do you provide discounts for multiple license purchases?

Yes, we provide discounts for bulk purchases. Please direct your queries to

10. How do I report any Bug or request any feature?

If you experience any problem in using the software or if you want to request any feature you can reach us at cs[at]

10. We purchased Enterprise version of the software. What if we need additional licenses?

You may buy additional licenses at discount price,