Releases Cloud Linked Computer Based Exam Software, an innovative provider of examination software for educational and other organizations, has recently release a new version of the same which offers several more features while retaining the same robust functionality of it’s predecessor.

The main features of the recent exam software features are given below:

1) Author module with extensive features including candidate management, group and class management, question db management, and feature management.
2) Multi level login management that offers more flexibility and allows simultaneous authoring of exams.
3) Web based administration and rendering of exams to the desktop, while retaining robust off-line performance
4) Cloud based back up of important information, including candidate profiles, exam profiles, statistics, and logs.
5) Exam feature control enabling the author to enable or disable any particular feature of the exam while it is administered.
6) Auto and manual over-ride modes for granular control

The Exam Software, while providing cloud based management, runs off-line without need for continuous net connectivity. Extensive stats are available for evaluating the performance of candidates. Typical usage include school/college entrance tests, employee performance evaluation, certification exams for vendor certs, etc.

The exam modules may be delivered to test centers using online transmission securely via a central server. The software, primarily consisting of a server component and a client component uses Linux or Windows server for the former and Windows 7 or above for the later. The ability to add the content by multiple authors expedites the process and facilitates critical deadlines. Please check out the product page for more details and downloading free trial version of the software.

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