Create A Quiz By Computer Based Test Software

In today’s competitive world quiz plays a major role to measure the dimensions of person knowledge in various sectors and fields. For Example many schools want to test their students by keeping quiz as an entrance exam, Many companies wanna test their employees by making aptitude tests, and this type of tests may happen in various sectors.

A Quiz is a set of questions to make sure you know something about a topic. The quiz is most often used as a light form of a test. A quiz is mostly a form of multiple choice (but not always). This gives the passive learning a hint more than an open question with an essay to write. Multiple choices give you 2 or more choices to chose from.
These types of tests are made with the help of computer based test software, to make it easier and user-friendly.

Benefits Of Creating Quiz With the Help Of Computer Based Test software

There are many benefits of creating and conducting quiz with the help of computer based test software, some of the are

  1. Time Duration can be maintained perfectly
  2. Question Paper leakage
  3. Reduction of paper usage
  4. Instant Scorecards
  5. Many Others…..

Software That Helps in Creating and conducting Quiz are SimExams. Check out this link to more about How SimExams Software Works?.