Computer Based Test Software- That Helps Teachers To Create And Conduct Exams

SimExams is an computer based test software that is designed with great deal to create and conduct exams. one can create and conduct the exam with or without internet connection. The software comes as an answer to the undying efforts of teachers/moderators working towards modernization/simplification of the examination process and offers an easy to integrate the collection of software applications for conducting online exam, offline exams.

Why Choose SimExams?

  1. Completely secured platform
  2. Easy to Create, Share and Analyze the test
  3. The result is generated automatically after completion of the test
  4. Assign Date and Time to the test and limit its availability
  5. Customization available as per requirement
  6. Flexible pricing i.e. pay as u go
  7. Synchronization of test on Mobile/Tablet
  8. Supports a large number of groups
  9. 24/7 support

SimExams Products

  1. Computer Based Test – Author Engine

What is CBT Author Engine?

SimExams is a leading Computer-based test software which is intended to create your own exams for schools, colleges, institutions, self-preparation for competitive exams. Here the educators, trainers, authors, students to take exams with or without internet Association. This author engine is free to download and user-friendly. The Author can create any number of questions and any number of exams without any limit.

How CBT Author Engine Works?

The CBT Author Engine is independent software that needs to be installed in a computer before creating an exam or test. once the software is installed an author is independent to create the following types of questions

  1. Multiple Choice With Single Answer
  2. Multiple Choice With Multiple Answer
  3. Drag And Drop ( Image Type Only )
  4. Drag And Drop ( Text Based 1 )
  5. Drag And Drop ( Text Based 2 )
  6. Testlet Type Questions
  7. Hotspot Type Questions
  8. Fill In the Blank Type Questions

After completion of test questions, groups (optional), and student profiles (optional), the author saves (exports) the exam info to a known location on the local or remote computer. Now, the examiner imports the test module from the computer on which the Exam Engine is installed. After importing, it is possible to administer the exam to the candidates. Detailed help files are available on the product website

Features Of CBT Author Engine

  1. Updated to Latest Version 2.0.0
  2. User- friendly to create exams and learn
  3. Add/ Edit and Delete Exams
  4. Add Candidate and Groups
  5. Edit Candidate and Groups
  6. Export database for distribution
  7. Set time limit

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2. Computer Based Test – Exam Engine

What is CBT Exam Engine?

Confused ! what is CBT Exam Engine? Let me give you clarity, CBT Exam Engine ( Commonly called Computer-based test software or Computer assessment software ) is a paramount software which is developed for schools, colleges, institutes, and other corporates to create and take exams ( You can create the exam using author engine software ). Here the exam takers can take the exams with or without an internet connection. This software is rich in feature and highly synchronized to user friendly

Steps To Take Exam Through CBT Exam Engine

1.Download And Install The Software

Download and install the CBT Exam Engine Software in each and every computer Where the student required to take the exam. Here you can download demo version as well as the full-featured version.

2.Buy Featured Licence

Here you can buy or request the licence to get the full featured version of CBT exam engine software

3.Add Test Modules By URL’s or Local

As shown in the above figure you can Import exam by clicking Add Test Module (URL) or Add Test Module (Local). Note the point here with some clarity i.e, before clicking Add test module (Local) you need to create an exam by using CBT Author Engine it is a free software to download and create the exam.

4.Mode of Exam

Now it’s time to select mode of exam, SimExams provides two modes

  1. Learning Mode
  2. Exam Mode

Either you can choose learning mode or Exam Mode. Did you choose to Learn mode? okay, you are on the right platform to learn about the exam and the concepts. And Now you can choose exam mode to take serious Exam.

5. Take The Exam

Here you go ! it’s time to to take the exam . Here you will get the different types of questions like multiple choice questions, hotspot type questions, and many others. choose the answers and take a review before ending the exam.

CBT Hotspot type Exam Questions

6.Detailed Score Card

Get Detailed score card based on your performance. you can also able to to review incorrect question here.once you all done then just go with print or save the result

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3. Mobile/Tablet Applications

Exam Engine is provides with both android and ios applications. This Android and iOS Applications will help you in taking test anywhere