Computer Based Exams Made Easy With SimExams

The term online exam is referred to exams conducted through Computers instead of paper and pencil Format. Computer-based tests are widely used in different areas like colleges, schools, Competitive exams, employee training programs, and many other platforms. Nowadays there are lots of computer-based test software, but my choice is SimExams.

Online exam software is a platform that can be used to create, conduct exams online whenever and wherever you want, Now in this digital era compared to paper and pen format conducting exams by online can reduces the usage of paper and time of examiner.

SimExams is explicitly designed exam management software for schools, colleges, institutions, and other corporate sectors. This computer based exam software eases the tasks of examination process without pen and paper. When there is a need of conducting paper and pen-based exams there is lots of stuff and rules to be maintained by students, Now it’s time to embrace Online Exam software to make it easy and convenient.

SimExams manages the complete life cycle of the examination processes diligently as “end to end solution” from “registration to result in processing”. Students can manage different types of exams and different types of questions with ease. She/he can get a detailed scorecard after completion of the exam and also can cross-check the wrongly answered questions.

An examiner can assign the exam to a candidate for different groups with ease. This software is easy to download and user-friendly to make exams. Typically, the examiner imports the previously saved test module(s) and reinitializes the software. This software is rich in features like supports various types of questions, Different modes of exams (Learn mode, Exam mode), bookmarking, statistics, and customization.

SimExams helps you in edit or delete the previously taken exam, questions, candidate details, group details like in simple steps. SimExams is Wonderful Software that makes you keep data securely

SimExam CBT Exam management software is very less in cost and helps you in a make or creates exams. SimExams can make one simple solution for different types of exams. You can get the software for windows operating system, Android Mobiles, and even iOS Mobiles