CBT Auth Mods Update is happy to announce availability of updated auth mods with it’s industry leading Computer Based Test software (CBT Software). Theses are free auth mods that are available as plugin for the CBT software. However, you need to have full version of the CBT software for importing these plugin and use the same. The following auth mods are available:

Note that the above are free to use with full version of the software, simexams does not guarantee the performance or the correctness of the topics/questions in auth mods as they are third party mods. More auth mods would be added time to time.

You may view the CBT software product page and download the same. The demo version consists of a sample exam and one needs to activate the full version for using the auth mods. One can prepare one’s own question bank and deliver the exam by creating one’s own auth mods. The auth mods may be protected by passwords so that authors may consider selective distribution on subscription.