LAAS Exam Engine Android app : Import Paper Pen Exam (Local)

Import Paper (Local): This option allows the user to add a new paper pen exam module (Question Database) created using LAAS Author engine.

Note: It is assumed that user already have PPE Test Module (Question Database) file present at a known location on ypur phone.

1. Start the app in main screen tap on "Paper Pen Test" tab.

Add test module screen 1

Then tap on "Import Paper (Local)" button as shown below

Add test module screen 1

You will be provided with a window where you can select the Question Database File (created using LAAS author engine). Note that only files created using author engine (.auth) can be selected.

Add test module screen 1

Select the file and once the test/assesment module is added successfully a message will be displayed and imported test will be listed.

Add test module screen 4